DonCafe Brasserie Pipera

Doncafe Pipera is the place where we brought all our experience from Doncafe Dorobanti, the menu is carefully selected and the environment is relaxed, suitable for business meetings, but also for breakfast, lunch or brunch in the family.

We kept the Brasserie concept , but due to area and location, we felt the need to develop a program for the weekends.

During the day we organize theater performances for children and in the evening theme parties for adults.

The menu is similar to Doncafe Brasserie Dorobanti and as an extra, only at Doncafe Pipera, we have Pizza Menu and Delivery Menu for Pipera area.

Because for us every detail matters, we are always connected to the world gastronomic trends and with chefs from around the world, looking to bring new dishes to our menu, best cooking techniques, ingredients and the best ways of serving.

Visit us in Pipera,  come take our time!

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